It’s Official – Utah is Getting a Hockey Team

April 23, 2024

by SLC Top 10 Editorial

Utah is excitedly buzzing as it prepares to welcome its first NHL team. The National Hockey League’s decision to bring a team to Salt Lake City marks a significant milestone for the state and its sports community. Here’s a look at how this historic move came about, its impact, and what fans can expect from Utah’s newest sports franchise.

The Journey to an NHL Team

The journey to bring an NHL team to Utah has been in the works for several years, spearheaded by Ryan Smith, owner of the Utah Jazz and Qualtrics. Smith’s dedication and vision have been instrumental in making this dream a reality. In April 2024, the NHL announced that the Arizona Coyotes would be relocating to Salt Lake City, making Utah the new home for the team starting in the 2024-25 season.

This move is not just about bringing another professional sports team to the state; it’s about growing the sport of hockey in Utah. With a strong youth hockey program and a passionate fan base, Utah is poised to become a significant player in the NHL landscape.

Local Enthusiasm and Support

The announcement of Utah’s new NHL team has been met with overwhelming enthusiasm from the local community. Within hours of the announcement, over 6,000 season ticket deposits were made, showcasing the strong support and excitement for the team. Social media has been abuzz with fans expressing excitement and welcoming the team to Salt Lake City.

Local businesses and sports organizations have also shown their support. The Utah Jazz, Salt Lake Bees, and other local teams have welcomed the NHL team with open arms, highlighting the collaborative spirit within Utah’s sports community.

Economic and Cultural Impact

The NHL team’s arrival is expected to significantly impact Salt Lake City’s economy. The team will play its home games at the Delta Center, which will undergo renovations to accommodate the NHL games. This will bring more visitors to the area and boost local businesses, restaurants, and hotels.

Culturally, the NHL team’s presence will enhance the state’s reputation as a hub for sports and entertainment. It will provide new opportunities for community engagement, youth sports development, and regional pride.

What to Expect

As the team prepares for its debut season, fans can look forward to several exciting developments. From team name and logo announcements to player signings and community events, plenty of news and activities will lead up to the first puck drop.

Recommended Companies Involved

Several local companies and organizations have been integral to bringing the NHL to Utah. Here are a few key players:

  • Utah Jazz: Under the leadership of Ryan Smith, the Jazz organization has been a driving force in bringing the NHL to Salt Lake City.
  • Qualtrics: The experience management company, also owned by Smith, has provided significant support and resources for the new team.
  • Delta Center: The home arena for the new NHL team, which will undergo renovations to ensure a world-class experience for fans and players.
  • Utah Grizzlies: The ECHL team based in West Valley City has been a strong supporter of the NHL’s arrival and looks forward to increased collaboration and growth of hockey in Utah.
  • Big League Utah: An initiative focused on bringing major league sports to Utah, playing a pivotal role in advocating for the NHL team.

Now We Just Need a Name

The arrival of an NHL team in Utah is a monumental moment for the state and its residents. It represents growth, opportunity, and a new chapter in Utah’s rich sports history. With strong local support, a passionate fan base, and a commitment to excellence, Utah’s NHL team is set to make a significant impact on and off the ice. Fans can look forward to an exciting journey as the team prepares for its inaugural season in Salt Lake City.

As the anticipation builds, stay tuned for more updates and announcements as Utah officially joins the NHL family. The next update we’re hoping for is an official name for the team…fingers crossed for the Blizzard.


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